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Different Grades of Rapids in Rishikesh

Going for rafting in Rishikesh ! Then it is better to understand the different grades of rapids that you may come across depending upon what stretch you pick up. Rapids of Ganga river for rafting in rishikesh is divided into different grades as is done for any river. There are total VI grades of rapids and you will find upto Grade IV rapids in Rishikesh. 

  • Grade I: These are the easiest rapids and they are easy to navigate. The water flows at mild velocity there is almost no turbulence in water , no rocks to block your way and you can sail through it easily. Almost no risk involved.
  • Grade II:  In these rapids the flow of water is little fast and you may find rocks or obstacles, little up and down bumpy ride giving you the thrill. But they are generally easy to pass with little bit of maneuver required.
  • Grade III: These are rather adventurous rapids offering you thrill as well as testing your skills. You will find the water stream rather fast , water rolling your raft here and their , you getting bumps while the raft bounces up and down in rapid , the water splashing into the raft making you wet. There are rocks that are blocking your raft and you need to maneuver your raft around it. Adventurous !!
  • Grade IV:  These are technically very tough and strong rapids with very very fast water , rocks everywhere , turning water with high waves , big bumps and if not tackled properly your raft may get toppled throwing you into water. There is only one Grade IV rapid “The Great Wall” in the kaudiyala stretch. These are dangerous rapids and are only recommended to people who have prior experience of rafting as well as those who are expert swimmers. Do not indulge in this if you are not the one. 
  • Grade V:  This is the last grade of rapids as per classification. These are not recommended to anyone unless they themselves want to take the danger. Even an expert rafter with years of experience will have tough time in getting through this grade rapids. There is no Grade V rapid in Rishikesh Rafting stretch. 

List of Rapids in Rishikesh

Here are the names of the rapids through which an avid rafter transverses during the river rafting tour in Rishikesh:

  • Daniel’s Dip (Grade III+)
  • Eddy Whirlpool ( Grade III )
  • The Great Wall (Grade IV )
  • Three Blind Mice (Grade III )
  • Black Money (Grade I )
  • Cross Fire (Grade III )
  • Shivpuri Rapid (Grade II+)
  • Sweet Sixteen (Grade I )
  • Good Morning (Grade I )
  • Roller coaster (Grade III )
  • Golf Course (Grade III )
  • Club House (Grade II )
  • Initiation (Grade II )
  • Body Surfing (Grade I )
  • Return to Sender (Grade III )
  • Double Trouble (Grade II )
  • Hilton (Grade II )
  • Terminator (Grade II )

Rishikesh Rafting Packages

We welcome you for Rishikesh Rafting and promise to provide you best of the experience and stay. Choose any of packages and send us enquiry we will call you back to get details and do your booking.

family rafting package

Family Rafting Package

Suitable For Family Group with kids above 14yrs
9 KM easy rafting Grade-II
2 days 1 Night stay in camp
Rs 2000/- per person

thrill rafting package

Thrill Seekers Rafting Package

For boys and Girls looking for some rafting thrill
16 KM Rafting Grade-III
2 days 1 Night stay in camp
Rs 2500/- per person

challenger rafting package

Challenger Rafting Package

Suitable For experienced rafters
26 KM Rafting Grade-III+
2 days 1 Night stay in camp
Rs 3000/- per person

rishikesh rafting package

Khatro-Ke-Khiladi Rafting Package

Only Recommended for Experienced Rafters
35 KM Rafting Grade-IV
2 days 1 Night stay in camp
Rs 4000/- per person