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5 Things to Keep in Mind while going for Rishkesh Rafting

Rafting is probably the most exciting adventure activities to indulge in when you are in Rishikesh. You dont require to be an expert rafter to try it however keeping some important things in mind and preparing for it in advance will make your rafting experience even more enjoyable and safe.

Since rafting is a watersport so some element of risks are always present along with the thrill. So in order to avoid the risks here are we presenting you the five basic things that you must follow to make your experience an enjoyable experience to remember for your lifetime and motivate you to come again and again for rafting in Rishikesh.

Have a plan in advance

Have a Plan

If you are thinking ot going for rafting in rishikesh then you must plan in advance. You planning should keep in mind number of days , what activities you want to indulge in rishikesh , what kind of camp you are looking for to stay  and more.

You must do an advance booking so that when you come everything is booked for you otherwise doing booking after reaching rishikesh will first of all waste your time and secondly you may not get booking according to your taste and then you are forced to do adjustments on whatever is available or someone tells you.

Choose the Right Rafting Stretch

Choose right rafting

The second important thing is to select the right rafting stretch for yourself according to your fitness level or according to people whom you are taking for rafting like family members.

There are different rafting options like 9KM , 16KM , 26KM and 35KM rafting varying from Grade II to Grade IV with different difficulty level and variable time taken to complete them.

So it may happen that because of wrong selection you or someone in the group may get exerted or sick and that will finish the whole fun of rafting. Overexertion is the primary reason because of which most of the mishaps or unpleasant things happen. The exertion can happen if your health is not good , you are out of shape or mentally not strong , so please ensure your good health before going for a whitewater rafting trip.

Always Listen to Your Instructor

listen to instructor

When starting your rafting you will always find the rafting instructor with your raft , he is the one who takes the responsibility of making you enjoy your rafting. But then you also in turn have the responsibility to listen and follow the instruction given by your rafting instructor. He is much more experienced and qualified than you , and he knows exactly what to do and when to do it. So always listen and follow his instructions and enjoy your rafting with fun and thrill. 

Wear Safety Gears and Proper Cloths.

life jacket

While you go for rafting you will be provided with rafting gears by the organizer , these includes your life jacket , helmet , rafting paddle and other. It is your duty to wear them before going for rafting as per the instructions because they have been provided for your safety. Without these gears first of all rafting is not allowed if at all you go for rafting it is sure that you are inviting danger for yourself as well as others. So wear them.

Secondly while going for rafting wear easy cloths in which you feel comfortable. do not wear complicated dresses , sweaters , jackets etc because you are going to get wet and heavy cloths will absorb water and you will feel uncomfortable. So wear comfortable cloths and if possible full sleeves so that you are protected from cold water as much possible.

Do not panic

dont panic

Although the chances are low if you are following all the instruction , safety gears and selected proper stretch as per your skills but if you unfortunately fall in the water the first thing you need to keep in mind is do not panic. Your life jacket , the rafting instructor and his team is there for your safety. What you need to do is just keep yourself afloat and try to swim towards the raft and try to climb it slowly without hurry or the person who is coming to rescue you. The rafting instructor will in advance tell you what to do in what situations before start of rafting and you should follow it and enjoy your rafting.

Rishikesh Rafting Packages

We welcome you for Rishikesh Rafting and promise to provide you best of the experience and stay. Choose any of packages and send us enquiry we will call you back to get details and do your booking.

family rafting package

Family Rafting Package

Suitable For Family Group with kids above 14yrs
9 KM easy rafting Grade-II
2 days 1 Night stay in camp
Rs 2000/- per person

thrill rafting package

Thrill Seekers Rafting Package

For boys and Girls looking for some rafting thrill
16 KM Rafting Grade-III
2 days 1 Night stay in camp
Rs 2500/- per person

challenger rafting package

Challenger Rafting Package

Suitable For experienced rafters
26 KM Rafting Grade-III+
2 days 1 Night stay in camp
Rs 3000/- per person

rishikesh rafting package

Khatro-Ke-Khiladi Rafting Package

Only Recommended for Experienced Rafters
35 KM Rafting Grade-IV
2 days 1 Night stay in camp
Rs 4000/- per person