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Rafting Rapids in Rishikesh – Be There and Do That!!!


When we talk about white water rafting destinations in North India, Rishikesh pop up like a toast from the toaster. Riding on the torrential flow of Ganges on an inflatable rubber boat will definitely set your pulses and heartbeats on acceleration. Rafting in Rishikesh mainly begins from different points, depending on the expedition time and journey you want to give to this thrilling activity. But what spark the light to Rishikesh river rafting expedition is the rapids that vary from easy to challenging, putting your strength and stamina on a test.

Depending on the risk factor, rafting rapids in Rishikesh are distributed under various grades (I, II, III, IV and IV+). Most of the rapids in Rishikesh have been given exciting names as per their nature. Have a look of some popular rapids that give new definition to your experience of Rishikesh rafting holidays.

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